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Trek the Cradle Mountain Overland Track

Trek the Cradle Mountain Overland Track

Take on the challenge of Australia’s most famous trek – the Cradle Mountain Overland track – and take in some of Tasmania’s most stunning scenery. With two expert mountain guides at your side, you’ll make your way through temperate rainforest and groves of eucalypts, across alpine moors and through valleys, skirt the edges of bright blue lakes and take in views of waterfalls and towering peaks in the distance. Camp on the edges of historic huts under star-filled skies, wake up to dramatic landscapes and take the chance to tackle side trips like summitting the island’s highest peak Mt Ossa. This active adventure with Intrepid is one of the best ways to take in an iconic trek and landscape.


  • Overland Track – Ronny Creek to Waterfall Valley Trek
  • Cradle Mountain National Park – Marion’s Lookout
  • Overland Track – Waterfall Valley to Lake Windermere Trek
  • Overland Track – Lake Windermere to New Pelion Hut Trek
  • Cradle Mountain National Park – Forth Gorge Lookout
  • Overland Track – Pelion Plains to Kia Ora Creek Trek
  • Overland Track – Kia Ora Creek to Windy Ridge Trek
  • Overland Track – Windy Ridge to Lake St Clair Trek
  • Cradle Mountain National Park – Lake St Clair Ferry Ride


  • With everything taken care of, you’re free to make the most of the incredible scenery and views as you make your way along one of Australia’s most iconic hiking trails.
  • Leave all the organisation to us – from tickets and permits to camping gear – comfortable all-season tents and cooking equipment are all provided
  • Make the most of the local knowledge of two expert mountain guides along the way, and you’ll never take a wrong turn.
  • Enjoy the flexibility to tackle the trek as you like – the main track for a more leisurely hike, or add on a side trip like summitting Cradle Mountain or Mt Ossa for an extra challenge.

06/21/2023 through 04/12/2024
06/21/2023 through 04/15/2024

Day 1 Launceston / Cradle Mountain National Park / Overland Track
Day 2 Overland Track
Day 3 Overland Track
Day 4 Overland Track
Day 5 Overland Track
Day 6 Overland Track / Lake St Clair / Launceston

10/30/23 - 11/04/23

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11/09/23 - 11/14/23

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11/13/23 - 12/09/23

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12/18/23 - 12/28/23

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01/01/24 - 01/30/24

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02/01/24 - 02/26/24

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03/11/24 - 04/15/24

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