Amazing Sojourners

Hey there, wanderlust-seekers! Are you ready to explore the world with like-minded adventurers by your side?  If so, consider joining one of Amazing Sojourns' travel groups and becoming an Amazing Sojourner.  It is the perfect way to forge lifelong friendships, share incredible experiences, and immerse yourself in unforgettable destinations.

Our carefully curated group trips bring together individuals who share a passion for exploration, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere throughout the journey. You'll have the opportunity to connect with fellow travelers, exchange stories, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re a solo traveler looking to connect, a couple seeking new friendships, or a group of friends ready to embark on a collective adventure, our group trips provide the perfect blend of camaraderie and exploration. Discover the joy of traveling together, experiencing new cultures, and creating meaningful connections as we explore the world, one amazing destination at a time.

Join us on this extraordinary journey, where friendship, discovery, and unforgettable moments await!


Panama Canal Cruise with a Total Solar Eclipse April 5 - 20, 2024


Scotland cow

Scottish Highland Fling Aug 8 - 17, 2024

Special Group Pricing $3199 at per person. 

Alaska Glacier

22 Day Ultimate Alaska Solstice (with Glacier Bay National Park) June 6 - 28, 2025

Special Group Pricing starts at $5349 per person


A Taste of Christmas on the Captivating Rhine Nov 2025

From Amsterdam’s colorful canals to the majestic Swiss Alps, journey into the heart of the destinations you visit.

November 22, 2025 - November 29, 2025

Special Group Pricing starts at $3898 per person