8. Visit Plimoth Patuxet (formally known as Plimoth Plantation)

Immerse yourself in what life was like for both the settlers and the first Native Americans who encountered them. Plimoth Patuxet is a living history museum overlooking Cape Cod Bay featuring costumed interpreters and artisans throughout a 17th Century English Village, Wampanoag Homesite, Plimoth Grist Mill and the Mayflower II docked in the Plymouth Harbor. The word Plantation in the name was changed to Patuxet in 2020 in honor of the Native Americans that lived in the area at the time. The Patuxet were a Native American band of the Wampanoag tribal confederation.

*Important Tip* Plimoth is a large outdoor museum with exhibits spread out over 40 acers. While many of the recreated 17th century buildings are accessible to guests in wheelchairs, some of the pathways in between can be difficult as many are unpaved (dirt or sand) and some have steep grades. Due to these conditions some paths are currently not accessible by wheelchairs.

In addition to checking out the very rock where the Pilgrims landed, you can walk the Freedom Trail, enjoy a lobster roll, hear the famous “shot heard round the world” on Lexington Green, go whale watching, relax on Martha’s Vineyard, do a little ghost chasing or participate in a Salem witch trial. Boston and Salem are about 40 miles to the north and Martha’s Vineyard is about 40 to the south. You will have a variety of choices to create family memories.

Agritourism is quickly becoming popular in Massachusetts and encompasses a variety of activities, including farm tours, farm vacations, hiking, cross country skiing, hayrides, workshops, and much more. Over 400 farm attractions are open to the public. These local farms offer unique hands-on experiences to see, feel, and taste agriculture at its source.

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